Transportation plays a major role in GHG emissions, accounting for 14% of annual global emissions. While many think that EV's will make a near term step change in reducing CO2, it is by deploying fuel efficiency technologies to traditional vehicles that will have the greatest impact on reducing oil consumption, hence CO2, in the following decades.

“Some 300 million electric cars on the road avoid 3.3 mb/d oil demand in 2040. Improvements in the efficiency of the non-electric car fleet are even more important to stemming demand growth: these avoid over 9 mb/d of oil demand in 2040.”

 IEA, World Energy Outlook, 2018

Making continued fuel economy improvements is getting harder and harder. The low hanging fruit have been picked. Opportunities for low cost CO2 reduction are still available, but they require deep innovation to access. This is where ArcActive is striving make a contribution.

Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Low Carbon

Low Carbon Energy Generation

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With AACarbon, we can make an impact in all of these areas, and intend to do so over the years to come. To start with though, we have concentrated on Energy Storage - specifically, the negative electrode of a Lead Acid Battery (LAB).

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ArcActive Opportunity

Micro Hybrid Vehicles will be the mass market car of the future...

Today, around 50m new cars are sold each year with stop-start and regenerative braking functionality.

Lead Acid Batteries (LABs) are the “starter battery” for virtually every mass market vehicle today. They are a proven, low cost product, but they can't meet the demands of tomorrow's cars.

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ArcActive Technology

ArcActive Better DCA = Better Fuel Economy Better DCA = Better Fuel Economy

ArcActive has developed a novel carbon fibre-based negative electrode using its proprietary material, AACarbon.

ArcActive's technology overcomes traditional LABs charging limitations and delivers vastly superior DCA and charging lifetime without adding significant cost.

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  • ArcActive ArcActive partners with East Penn Manufacturing

    ArcActive partners with East Penn Manufacturing

    ArcActive and East Penn Manufacturing Co, one of the World's largest lead-acid battery manufacturers, have signed a commercial arrangement covering the further development of ArcActive’s carbon fibre electrode technology for lead batteries.

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  • ArcActive ArcActive wins 2020 Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation Award

    ArcActive wins 2020 Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation Award

    ArcActive’s transformational battery technology has been unanimously saluted by leaders in the world’s lead battery sector having been awarded the 2020 Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation Award by the Battery Council International.

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